5 ways to upgrade your kids’ attention span


“An itch tiny butt that cannot sit still” “getting up and down, moving around during meal time” “throw away a new toy to grasp something else just in a few second”  Cannot agree more to these?   You know what, short attention span is common among young kids.  Wanna help your kid to improve it?  You need: – 5 ways to upgrade your kids’ attention span

1. Cultivate interest in games that require higher concentration and focus

Games such as, chess, musical equipment, music games, puzzle, word puzzle, sports, etc, can all help.


A photo puzzle book make of your kid’s photos is a prefect way to train your kids attention.   He or she will surely be particularly interested in seeing their own photos or photos of familiar faces.  My little Oscar loves it so much that he keep pointing to the photos and “mummy”, “daddy”, “Oscar”…..  We have so much fun.   Also, you can go through each photo with them and teach them everything they can relate to the photos.

As kids has different ability and they are growing fast with their skills, different pieces of puzzles suits different ages.   Therefore puzzles with different number of pieces provides good training to different stage.  What is good about the Gifthing Photo Puzzle Book is that it contains 5 different sizes puzzles with progressive difficulties.  It literally grows with your kid!

Moreover, by putting pieces together to form a complete photo trains them the concept of parts and the whole, and the relationship between them.   Of course, by putting pieces together also provides very important training to their motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.    These in turn gives every good training to exercise them brain cells and improves them attention span.


2.Music strengthen focus 

Books with music play is always a good way to attract kids attention.   With this in mind, Gifthing designs it’s musical memory books and musical photo frame.  Sing along with the music helps synchronizing and kids can learn relaxed and with fun.  This is very important.  When kids associate fun with learning, they will be more eager to learn.



3.Set Time Table

A time table to set in regularity is very important.  Kids are very simple, if there is a regular pattern in daily life, they can grasp it easily and build up good habit.  If you give them a little praise or prize upon finishing a routine or achieving a task which requires higher concentration level, they will soon develop and follow the good pattern with proud.  On the contrast, irregularity in daily routine will confuse them and making them not able to concentrate on their task.

When they get hold of daily routine, they can then learn the annual routine.  A table calendar is the best way to start.  A personalized one is prefect.   With your family photos, your kids will love to look at them.



4.Interact with Kids

Play with them, read to them, finish each tiny task with your kids.  All of these helps your kind to develop a longer attention span.  They will enjoy having things completed.  Help them to nurture this habit, it’s going to benefit them in the whole life.



In Gifthing website, with only a few minutes, you can select your desire pattern and upload your own photos to make up a personalized memory card game.  There are 3 difference sizes (60x60mm、87x87mm或120x120mm) for selection.  Different sizes suits different age.  Younger kids will need bigger cards with less number of cards. You can also enjoy Gifthing online free game .  Apart from having fun with your kid, you can also get discount by finish it within the required time.



As Oscar is only 2 and a half, I choose the medium size one (8.7cm x 8.7cm) with 24 cards, that means I need to upload 12 photos.   Oscar likes it so much, he always asks me for a game when I am home.

5. Learning with hand and  mouth

Reading a loud helps catching kids attention and focus.   In addition to this, finger puppet also plays a good trick.   Tell a story with finger puppet, kids will keep their interests to follow the puppet.  Make some fun movements and have some laughter with your kid.  These will be endless fun.  And, they are paying attention without even notice it.

Gifthing finger puppets can be nice gift for friends with young kids.  There are 4 different ones to choose from.   Furthermore, you can get them all to make up a bigger story.   Not good at making stories, not to worry.  Gifthing finger puppet theater  can help.  You can also go to Gifthing Youtube channel for the finger puppet stories – Slow and JoJo, Fi and Ru, King and Bu…