About Us

Our motto A Lifetime Memory stems from the belief that the most precious things we take away from our childhood years are not toys or gifts, but rather the moments of spending time with our family.


All of the products available on Gifthing are designed and manufactured by ourselves. When brainstorming for new ideas, we place our focus on whether the product will help create these cherished memories to make the bond between parent and child even stronger.

Thoughtfully planned and executed, our Design Team dedicates hours to bring you safe, innovatively engineered and creatively designed products to the table. Take for example, our range of Tooth Fairy Box serves the purpose of storing and organizing your child’s baby teeth, but the memories gained from this experience is what makes the book unique and worthy. For every tooth lost, the child will remember the pain, the fear and perhaps the relief, but without doubt, what stays with them is how mom or dad helped to pull out that tooth!

The same applies to our First Year Photo Frames. As your child grows during the initial 12 months, you will notice of how quickly they change month-by-month. These are the memories that Gifthing wants to help you to remember.