Baby Tooth Keepsake Book

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Save up your kids’ teeth
for a lift time memory at this moment, choose one of your favorite teeth keepsake book from NOW!


Losing your first tooth is a momentous occasion in a child’s life

The moment that you become aware of your tooth becoming wobbly, you poke and prod it, urging it to loosen further and fall out. When it does you proudly show that toothless gap to friends and family and know that you are starting to grow up.


When your child then puts their tooth under their bed

and expectantly waits for the tooth fairy to exchange their tooth for a coin, they think no more about it. They have their money, the tooth is out, and this repeats for a while, thankfully with new teeth keep growing back. However, as a parent, what are we to do with these teeth? Do we rid of them? Keep our baby’s first tooth and then rid of the rest? Or keep the whole collection of baby teeth?

Keeping your children’s baby teeth is looked to be a sentimental keepsake by some parents

whereas others think this is slightly odd and choose to get rid. However, recent research has shown that our baby teeth offer a rich source of stem cells. These stem cells can be used like protocells and grown into different kinds of cells if needed in later life. Our baby teeth can also build replacement tissue for our bodies if needed; in short, our baby teeth could save our life.


Dating back many centuries, back to Norse culture, baby, or deciduous teeth, have been thought to be a lucky charm

Different cultures each have their own traditions, the most famous in European culture being the old tradition of the tooth fairy. However, it seems that there is some truth in this good luck charm, there is little more magical than being able to save your own life with an old tooth.


To be successful to be used for medicinal purposes, teeth need to be properly preserved

so it is important that we take care when our teeth fall out. Teeth need to be kept fresh to prevent teeth keep decaying, otherwise the stem cells will not be usable.


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Baby teeth keepsake boxes are a great idea for sentimental baby gifts

They offer a unique and individual keepsake, offering both decoration and offering a purpose. With this recent discovery, it seems that baby teeth keepsake boxes are an even more magical gift, that a new baby or young child shouldn’t be without.


If you’re looking for sentimental gift ideas for a new baby or young child, why not visit Gifthing?

Gifthing offers a stunning collection of baby gifts and memory boxes to please any new parent. There is a vast selection of ideas for birthday gifts for a pregnant friend, or maternity gifts and items for baby showers.


Gifthing also has baby teeth keepsake books available to buy in a choice of designs to suit baby girls or baby boys

These baby teeth keepsake books offer space to keep all of your little ones deciduous teeth once their teeth keep falling out. In addition to that, the keepsake books offer advice on caring for your teeth to prevent tooth decay and teeth rotting. The tooth box is a lovely keepsake alone, but with this priceless tooth care guide, and also a tooth record chart to record these momentous occasions, you are promised a grateful response when you give your thoughtful caring gift to the recipient.


If your friend has already had their baby, tooth keepsake books and tooth keepsake boxes make a great Christening or Baptism gift too, or even an ideal gift for a first birthday. It’s worth researching online how to keep these teeth preserved so that the stem cells can be used later in life if needed. You are then, essentially, giving the gift of health, as well as luck, and something that is beautiful to keep.


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