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5 Best Gift Options for Pet Lovers

Being the most loyal partner to humans, a pet is a necessity to many people nowadays. Pets not only provide a little bit of mental support for day to day, but also add some livelihood to home. As a result, many of our friends have become one of the pet owners.

When you are thinking of getting a gift for these pet lover friends, you could consider some pet-related gifts, such as custom pet photo frames or custom pet photo puzzles.

Below, we are going to introduce 5 types of creative gift suggestions for your pet lover friends!

1. Custom Pet Photo Frame

Photo frames for dogs and cats have become an indispensable part for home decoration. To display an actual photo instead of watching a digital version of your phone makes all the differences.

In Gifthing, we make custom pet frames that are not just normal pet photo frames, but they let you display your pet’s special paw prints as well!Our custom pet photo frames are usually being used as dog photo frames and cat photo frames.

We use a unique technique to make pet’s paw prints that neither do the pet need to touch any inks, nor do you need to clean up afterwards. Within just a few seconds, your custom pet frames can be done!

2. Custom Pet Photo Puzzle

Other than pet photo frames, our second suggestion is a pet photo puzzle! Puzzles have always been a good option for people to kill time on weekends. Especially during the lockdown, they have been more popular than ever. To pet lovers, custom pet puzzles can be one of the most heart-warming gifts ever received.

Gifthing’s custom photo pet puzzle allows you to choose pictures of your pets and make it into a one-of-a-kind puzzle! No matter if it is a photo of you and your pet or just the pet alone, the finished pet puzzle is a great idea to be part of your home decoration.

3. Personalized Pet Calendar

The third suggestion is a personalized pet calendar where you can select at least 12 photos to be put into the calendar. For lots of office workers, we all need to have a set of calendar on the table to arrange our days. As a result, giving a personalized pet calendar to pet lovers can help them relax a little when seeing the pet photos during work.

4. Pet-shaped Pillow

A pet-shaped pillow is another popular choice that lets you use pet photos as the pattern for pet lovers’ new sofa decoration. With your actual cat sitting alongside the pet-shaped pillow, it could be the most adorable moment you could ever imagine!

5. Matching Pet Collar and Bracelet

The last gift suggestion for pet lovers is not only for the pet owner himself, but also the pet – A matching pet collar and a bracelet! The matching bracelet can remind the per lover whenever they miss their pets. What’s even better is that, when your pet lover friend is taking a walk with the pet, the matching collar on the pet and the bracelet on the owner are definitely eye-catching!

Hope the suggested gifts for pet lovers above could help you make a quicker choice when deciding what to get for your pet lover friends next time. I believe that, no matter if it is a custom pet photo frame or pet photo puzzle, or even a pet calendar, your pet lover friend will be impressed by your thoughtfulness!

6. A Custom Tote Bags with Your Pets’ Pictures

A personalized bag provides a connection between you and your beloved pets. It is more than a design — Makes you feel that the bag is special, unlike the rest that you can find on the market, carry your pets all along your daily trips and journeys. Shop now at MakeToteBags.com

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