5 Fun Ways To Get a Tooth Out Fast and Painless

Is your kid about to lose a wobbly one? No doubt he’ll be scared stiff for the first time, so as a parent, it’s our job to make it fun so it’s engrained into their memories.

Here’s a list of creative ideas for you to share with your child to see which one they would want to use for the next wiggler.

1. The “Everybody-Knows-This-One” String On The Doorknob


This is a classic that we’re sure you would have heard of or even experienced first-hand. It can be easily executed and requires no additional tools so it’s always popular among parents. And then… don’t forget to put it in a Tooth Fairy Box

2. The “Boys Favorite” Pull The Nerf Gun Trigger

Although strictly speaking not only limited to boys, this combines one of their favorite toys with extracting their teeth, which makes it a whole lot more fun! Remember, it’s scary for them, so make the entire experience fun and they will relax that little bit more. And… don’t forget to put it in a Baby Tooth Box

3. The “Sports Enthusiast” Hit A Home Run

Always encourage your kids to do more sports whenever and wherever you can. We all know the younger generation of today is addicted to their electronic gadgets, so use this opportunity to get them outdoors and do some exercise! For sure, your kids would love to store it in one of these Baby tooth Keepsake Books.

4. The “Robin Hood” Bow n Arrow

Turning back time with this old school weapon, let your child decide their own fate as they pull back the arrow. Not for the faint hearted, this will certainly help them develop courage and co-ordination! Further, help them develop organizational skills, put teeth in one of these one of these Baby teeth Keepsake Books.

5. The “Closer-To-Nature” Birdie Helper

Let’s admit it, sometimes siblings just don’t get along. That’s why this young lady has to enlist help from her pet birdie. Putting nature to the test, the bird duly obliges to her duties and picks out the loose tooth without any issue. For next tooth, may this Baby Tooth Fairy Box – Fire Bear helps her instead.

Whether you are a fan of the tooth fairy or not, you can store and organize their molars and canines in one of these Tooth Keepsake Books. With more than 10 designs to choose from, ask them what their pick is!

There are certainly plenty of ways pulling out your teeth. The key is to make the whole experience fun, enjoyable and memorable for you and your child. Talk to them and give them ideas and this will make a stronger parent-child relationship.

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