7 Reasons Why a Baby Tooth Box Can Turn Into an Investment of a Lifetime

In today’s day and age, memories are being captured and stored in a seamlessly immaculate manner. After all, its little things like these that give life a beautiful meaning.

Whilst the number of ways to preserve your child’s memories is truly uncountable, tooth fairy boxes are paving the way into a league of their own. Thanks to these precious little boxes, documenting the special moment of your child’s baby teeth falling out has never been simpler.

So what are the basic uses of this beautiful investment that comes in the shape of a baby tooth box? To help you find out, we’re listing them down just for you.

1. Keep your children’s baby teeth as researchers find stem cells in them could be used to treat cancer and prevent heart attacks

• Researchers found stem cells in young teeth are rich in biological information
• United States National Center for Biotechnology announced it could save a life
• Taking stem cells from baby teeth could replace the difficult process of accessing bone marrow from other areas of the body
• While the new method is still in development, in years to come it could be widely used to help fight cancer and regrow neural cells in the brain

2. It can keep your baby’s tooth safe and preserved as a glorious keepsake for years to come

Just the thought of having your children and grandchildren thank you for memories that have been passed down for generations is a feeling that words cannot describe. Little ones tend to grow up in no time. And this usually leaves the parents scrambling towards finding ways on how they can preserve little treasured memories like these. This is done in an effort to keep reminding themselves and their children of the significance that growing years hold. So what better way of doing so than with these baby tooth keepsake boxes?

3. It can store a 3R toothless photo

Pictures speak a thousand words. They carry the ability to capture the most magical moments in time. Many parents have their camera ready for significant events that take place during the growing years of their children. From the first walk to the loss of their baby teeth, everything is documented with photographs.

The great thing about this baby tooth box is that it possesses the capability to store a 3R toothless photograph. And that means you don’t have to worry about losing precious pictured memories like these. Your child’s 3R toothless photo can be safely placed and preserved for many generations to come. Imagine being able to hold up the picture in front of your child and look back with a smile as you relive this exciting event of their early life.

4. Baby tooth Fairy boxes have the ability to mark the date of losing teeth

What’s the purpose of storing lost baby teeth if you don’t document the date at which the event occurred? There’s no need to break a sweat. Tooth fairy boxes have you covered every step of the way as they come with an in-built feature that allows parents to document the exact date of losing teeth. So that means each of your baby’s milk teeth and its exact date of when the loss occurred can now be stored simultaneously. Now that’s what we call a beautiful combination of memories.

5. Tooth fairy boxes can turn into a funky décor piece on your table or in your child’s room

These tooth box organizers are not only diverse in use, but they’re also spectacularly designed. The intricately detailed tooth keepsake boxes are carved from the finest material to produce an outline that’s beautiful, to say the least. The exterior resembles a child’s outline while the inside has been created to make plenty of space available for baby milk teeth placement and children’s details to be written. This, in turn, means you can now decorate your desk, table and child’s room with a funky décor piece too.

6. Baby tooth Keepsake boxes make for the perfect gift for soon to be parents

Have you ever been invited to a baby shower and aren’t too sure about what to give the soon to be parents? Well if that’s the case, then these tooth fairy boxes are the perfect gift solution. These handcrafted tooth organizers make a fabulous first impression on anyone that lays their eyes on them. Paired with a beautiful card for the baby shower recipients and wrapped elegantly in subtly designed wrapping paper, you can now present the soon to be parents with a keepsake that they’ll always cherish and remember you for years to come.

7. Easy to carry to the pediatric dentist’s office

Has your child recently had their tooth plucked out due to natural reasons or due to an injury of some sort? In case you answered yes, then you’re probably well aware that milk teeth are treated by pediatric dentists. And that means being prepared for baby tooth removal whether your little one likes it or not. Tooth fairy boxes serve as an ideal safe spot for parents to carry their child’s tooth in when at the dentist’s office. All you need to do is ensure all the blood and debris from the tooth is removed, it is wiped clean and hence can now easily be placed into the baby tooth box with sheer ease.

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