Losing Your First Tooth

Remember how excited you were as a parent when your child’s first tooth appeared? Yes? Trying multiplying that feeling by ten times, but instead of excitement, replace it with fear, then you will understand how your kids feel when losing their first tooth.

When the time comes to say goodbye to their enamel friend, it can be very emotional for their young minds. Bearing in mind not only are they physically losing a tooth, but also have to deal with the snide comments that might come their way from friends at school.

As parents, we are there to act as their comforter; someone who can aid them to relieve pain and also to help remove the wobbly tooth. However, and more importantly, is to make the most of this situation and create joyful memories between you and your child.

As always with Gifthing’s belief, we want you to use our products to make a lifetime’s worth of memories for yourself and for your child. Our range of Tooth Box(Teeth Keeper) is more than just a medium to store and organize their fallen baby teeth, but a great opportunity to bond with your little ones and make stories of how you helped them extract their molars.

These will become their lifetime memories.

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