Your Most Precious Memories Recorded & Enclosed

From the moment you find out about your pregnancy, there are simply far too many things to deal with. For sure, there is the excitement of knowing a little baby is growing inside your tummy, but (for some of us), there’s also the fear and angst of taking care and being responsible of this human being.

Putting the busy schedule aside, we understand there are lots of precious memories to record during your pregnancy and your baby’s early days. Gifthing has come up with a range of Baby Memory Books to help you identify the happy moments, meaningful details and some fun facts for your child to reflect on when they grow up.

So apart from the gender, name suggestions and their due date, what would you consider noteworthy to be recorded into the baby memory album? Here are just a few things the journal encourages moms and dads to list:

– Details of your baby shower (e.g. guest lists, gifts etc.)
– What happened going to the hospital, including mom and dad’s reaction
– Who took you home and welcomed you
– How much things cost when you were born such as bread, milk and gas
– What was making the news headline? What was showing in the movie theaters?
– Family tree diagrams
– Personal messages from mom and dad

This is what makes this keepsake book truly worth updated. The run-of-the-mill journals let you note the standard details, but what Gifthing is proud to offer to parents is a key to making memories that will last for you and your child.

As the name suggests, this book is more than just keeping track of the details of your baby. It’s a medium to create and share a bundle of memories that, later down the years, can be used to reminisce the happy days.

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