Gifthing Baby Teeth Keepsake Book
A Creative Way to Keep Your Little One’s Teeth

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Gifthing Baby Teeth Keepsake Book A Creative Way to Keep Your Little One’s Teeth
As parents we wait for our baby’s teeth to come with great anticipation.  Its a big event, you know? We wonder how long it will take for the first tooth to sprout, then we dread as each other one pops it’s way through the gum line. Then, after those first two years, we just have to make sure that our little one is able to keep their teeth clean and cavity free.

When they start to reach age 5 (or younger if you have some teeth overachievers), those teeth that you were so happy to see burst from the pink gums, start to come out. Hopefully on their own and not as a result of some sporting event. As each one comes out, you get to decide how generous the Tooth Fairy is going to be, and how exactly you’re going to store that tooth when the tooth fairy leaves.

A baby teeth keepsake book is an excellent shower gift, or gift for a little one on their first birthday. Something that can give new parents a way to track their child’s teeth down the line.
Gifthing Baby Keepsake Book - the teeth room

Gifthing Baby Keepsake Book – the teeth room is an excellent place to check out. They have many options available for book themes as well as some great ideas for how to use your book.


If you’re able to pick up a Gifthing baby teeth keepsake book, it’s probably the easiest way to keep everything together. Inside the books you can keep a picture of your child’s smile, one that you can update for every tooth they lost, as well as have a perfect spot for all of their teeth. This way here you can keep track of them as they come out, and you can record the events as well.


Remember to mark down the date of teeth eruption! You’ll want to remember how they pulled the tooth, or how they actually got it out of their mouth. If they were scared, or excited, and how they responded finding that first bit of treasure from the tooth fairy. It’s something that you’ll be so happy you took part in, just so you can keep those memories alive both for you and your child.