Finger Puppet Theater
How Elephant Jojo and Sloth Slow become good friends

Finger Puppet Theater How Elephant JoJo and Sloth Slow become good friends
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Elephant JoJo was upset..

One day, Sloth Slow saw Elephant JoJo stood by the pond.  JoJo was very upset.

He stared at his shadow cased on the pond and sighed, “My trunk is too long and clumsy and my tail is too small and no use;”

Jojo continued after another sigh, “my voice is not as good as Owl Hoo’s and my thighs are not as strong as Lion King’s.“  “And, I have ugly big ears!”

Sloth Slow tried to comfort Jojo and said,”You are the best you are. Your trunk is stronger than Lion King’s nose and your voice as loud as trumpet and can be heard from far away. ”

Despite what Slow said, Jojo was still as upset as he was.  “Maybe, I am the most useless creature in the forest…….” He turned his face away from the pond, walked into the forest, looking very depressed.

Elephant JoJo saved Slow and Everyone

Suddenly, there was an earthquake. Jojo saw trees were shaking and the earth was shocking and started to crack.  So, he trumpeted out as loud as he can to warn the other animals so that they can go to save places.  As a result, everyone went off to save places in time except Slow.   After all, Slow is too slow to escape.  Consequently, she was pressed under the fallen trees and called for help.

“Help! Help! Someone, please help.  I cannot move! “

Thence, JoJo used his trunk to move the tree logs and saved Slow.

Slow was glad, “Thank you so much JoJo for saving my life! Told you, your trunk is strong and useful. If not for it, I would have died. “

“ You are a great creature in the forest. I cannot thank you enough for saving my life.”

All forest animals also thanked Jojo for alarming them of the danger so that they could run to save places in time.  Jojo was glad that no one was hurt.  Jojo felt very happy.

Elephant JoJo recognize his own strength

Finally, JoJo understood.  JoJo turn to Slow and said, “ No Slow, it is me who should thank you for saving my life.  You taught me how to appreciate my own strength.  I feel really good now and I will not live in self-pity anymore.   After all, I will make good use of my strength to help others.”

Thence, JoJo helped to rebuild houses for forest animals and everyone was pleased.

Thereafter, Slow and JoJo become good friends.

Finger Puppet Theater How Elephant JoJo and Sloth Slow become good friends

Reflection tips: Discuss with kids and discover their merits.  Thence, encourage them to take credit as well as appreciate their talent. We all have our own special talents and they are equally important.  Therefore, we do not look down to anyone including our self.   Thence, we can make good use of our talents and lead a meaningful life.
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Furthermore, you can make up a story to contain more the finger puppets.   For example, a story of Jojo and Slow having a party in the forest together with Lion King and Koala Bu.    Similarly, we can have some cross lines and tell a story between Jojo and Owl Hoo.