Pregnancy Keepsake Book

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Pregnancy keepsake book is a beautiful gift for an expectant mum. Keeps all the precious moments of pregnancy for a lifetime treasure.

Congratulations! You’re pregnant.

When you see the positive line on that little white stick, it can be hard to take it all in at first. Your life is about to change in every imaginable (and unimaginable) way.  Strangely, you couldn’t be happier.  You are probably overwhelmed with joy and excitement.

Pregnancy Keepsake Book

However, you also feel scared, shocked, worried as well as overjoyed, excited and blessed, amongst others.  Knowing your life is going to change very dramatically in only a few months time, and prior to that, knowing you are going to change quite dramatically in only a few weeks time can be a scary thought. Coping with pregnancy symptoms such as sickness, fatigue and heartburn can bring you down. However, despite all of this, pregnancy truly is one of the most exciting times of your life.

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When you first fall pregnant,

you read books, articles, magazines and blogs on what you should and shouldn’t be doing, eating, wearing and thinking. It is all consuming and you want to know everything about what is going on inside of you. How big is your baby, what can they do and hear? You want to treasure every memory and every piece of the journey, perhaps minus the morning sickness.


When you are pregnant,

you think it is going to last forever. 40 weeks sounds (and sometimes feels) like an eternity, but in actual fact, you have lots to prepare for and the time will fly past, especially if you’re battling with pregnancy fatigue. It is also a bit of a whirlwind, so while you think you will remember how your bump looked and all of those crazy cravings you indulged in, in truth, when your new baby arrives, your memory can seemingly vanish.

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Pregnancy keepsake book is a beautiful gift for an expectant mum.

Pregnancy gifts are a kind and thoughtful gesture, allowing you to indulge yourself in all that is happening to you. Record pictures of what you look like as your baby bump grows and how you feel throughout the different trimesters. A pregnancy keepsake book is such a caring maternity gift for a pregnant sister or friend. It shows imagination and will make the expectant mother feel like you are interested in and understand what she is going through.

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Gifthing supplies a range of high quality pregnancy keepsake books which is a stunning maternity keepsake idea.

Available in two different designs, to suit your friend or loved ones personal tastes, you can choose a pregnancy keepsake gift which will be treasured for a lifetime. The pregnancy keepsake books stocked by Gifthing have spaces for all of your ultrasound scans to be included, keeping them safe and in great condition. They also have spaces to write a message to your unborn baby from the expectant mother and father, making this not only a great gift for the expectant mother, but also for the baby in many years to come.

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The Flower Pregnancy Keepsake Book and Forest Pregnancy Keepsake Book

are both presented beautifully, making it a maternity gift you will willingly want to show off to friends and family. There is space for you to stick your positive pregnancy sticks, or just photos of them if you prefer. There is even a tape measure included for you to be able to measure your bump and along the way to keep track of how you and baby are growing. As well as being able to record your pregnancy journey along the way, these pregnancy keepsake books also have space to record those early days of being a parent, such as birth weight, name, place of birth and more.

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There is space within the keepsake pregnancy book where you can stick photos of the baby in it’s early days,

as well as envelopes where you can leave the baby a note. Detail when you wrote the note and when your child should open the note too. It’s a great way to explain to your child what being a parent was like in the early days; perhaps one of the notes could be to open when they become a parent themselves. As a bit of fun, there is even a name game on the back of the box, which offers a great idea for a game to play at the mothers baby shower.


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