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Baby Tooth Keepsake Box | Tooth Fairy Box

Gifthing’s Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box is the most beautiful way to safeguard your baby’s memory. Now you can store and organize all of your baby’s teeth in one secure place without having to break a sweat. As your child’s teeth fall out, place them into this baby tooth keepsake box with sheer ease. When you and your child relax, allow the tooth fairy to fly by and do its job to perfection.

What factors made Tooth Fairy Boxes an ideal keepsake location for your child’s teeth?

These adorable Tooth Fairy Keepsakes are custom designed. They come in an array of seamless design patterns, giving you as parents a plethora of wonderful options to choose from. This Tooth Fairy Box even has separately labeled compartments for each tooth.

Every of Gifthing’s Baby Tooth Keepsake is approximately 12.5cm x12.3cm x 3cm in size and manufactured using high quality and durable pinewood from New Zealand. This material grants the Tooth Fairy Box high resistance against corrosion, durability, and is ideal for the long term storage of children’s teeth. The Baby Tooth Keepsake may appear heavy in size but they are only 0.7 lbs in weight.

How To Prepare Your Child’s Teeth for Keepsakes in Gifthing’s Baby Tooth Keepsake Box?

For a long-lasting and hygienic way to store your children’s teeth in our Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box, we have provided a few guidelines:
H3: Step 1: Clean The Surface
If you wish to save the child’s tooth as a memento for future reference, it is recommended to gently clean the tooth surface using mild soap and water.

Step 2: Disinfecting The Tooth

To disinfecting the tooth, it can be done by rubbing alcohol all over the tooth’s surfaces. Cotton swabs work best in these types of conditions.

Step 3: Dry The Tooth

It is recommended to dry all the tooth’s surfaces using a dry and clean towel.

Step 4: Place The Tooth Into Our Tooth Fairy Box

Once you have completed all the following steps, it is now time to place the clean and dry tooth into the baby tooth box for safe storage.
It should be noted that baby teeth don’t generally deteriorate over a certain period of time. However, these teeth must be disinfected and cleaned to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Why placing your kid’s teeth in Gifthing’s Tooth Fairy Box can serve to be the best decision ever?

Studies reveal that baby teeth present themselves as rich sources of stem cells. This means these cells can be used and grown into other different types of cells for a number of different conditions if needed.

If a child requires replacement tissue for a certain ailment or condition, their baby teeth can be used as an effective means to generate more cells. This has proven to be necessary for the healing of a number of health conditions. An end result is a life-altering form of therapy done from the simple deed of storing your child’s teeth in these baby tooth keepsake boxes.

Order a Baby Tooth Keepsake from Gifthing today for your baby’s memory and long-term benefits.

8 Results

Let’s Talk Teeth

 Upper TeethErupt Shed 
1.Central Incisors8-12mths.6-7yrs.
2.Lateral Incisors9-13mths.7-8yrs.
3.Canine (Cuspid)16-22mths.10-12yrs.
4.First Molar13-19mths.9-11yrs.
5.Second Molar25-33mths.10-12yrs.
 Lower TeethErupt Shed 
6.Second Molar23-31mths.10-12yrs.
7.First Molar14-18mths.9-11yrs.
8.Canine (Cuspid)17-23mths.9-12yrs.
9.Lateral Incisors10-16mths.7-8yrs.
10.Central Incisors6-10mths.6-7yrs.

Fun Facts About Our Teeth!

Did you know…

  1. Baby teeth are


    than their adult counterparts.
  2. Baby teeth start developing when you are just

    six weeks pregnant.

  3. In terms of teeth erupting, on average,

    girls are quicker than boys!

  4. 1 in 3,000 babies are

    born with a tooth

    showing. They are known as natal teeth.
  5. Baby teeth not only help you chew, but also

    aid your child’s speech.

  6. A full set of baby teeth should appear by 3 years old at the latest.

  7. Babies only have 20 baby teeth compared to

    32 adult teeth.

    You will see gaps in babies’ teeth which allow space for adult ones to grow into.
  8. Every human bite mark is a

    unique identification.

    No two bite impressions are the same.
  9. Our teeth are the

    toughest organ in your body.

    It can withstand 1,000N of force, which is similar to full grown adult standing on it.
  10. If you suck your thumb after 5 years old, you may

    damage your adult teeth

    and distort your jawline.