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Pregnancy Keepsake Book

Pregnancy Keepsake Book

The excitement and joy when you discover there’s a baby inside you may stay with for a long time, but how about the smaller details of your pregnancy?

Do you remember at how many weeks did you find out whether you were carrying a boy or a girl? Or when did you have your first ultrasound and see them sucking their thumb?

There are so many first times for you, your partner and your baby when you are pregnant, there’s just so much you can record in your journal.

The emotional rollercoaster during those 40 weeks will give you plenty of highs (and lows, unfortunately), so why not get creative and write down anything noteworthy for you to look back on?

Whether it is ecstasy, fazed, lost, sheer joy or worried, be inspired and share your thoughts and feelings on a pregnancy keepsake book that will make your maternity journey even more meaningful.

A Pregnancy Keepsake Book will allow you to document and describe each and every detail, including the size of your bump using the tape measurer included, as you progress from your first trimester to the moment you go into labor.

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Pregnancy Journal Book with Pregnancy Stickers

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