Personalized Photo Puzzle Book

Gifthing Personalized 5-Page Photo Jigsaw Puzzle Book

Create your custom 5-page photo jigsaw puzzle book with photos of baby, family portrait, paints and drawings from your kids and perhaps beautiful scenes taken from your trips. What’s more, you can add in your own message on the left of each page.

5-Page Puzzle Games

This custom Photo Puzzle Book contains 5 pages, let you create jigsaw puzzles from your photos. It starts with an easy 2×3 grip 6-piece jigsaw puzzle, when finished, flip to play with the 9-, 12-, 16- and 25-piece jigsaw puzzles, let your toddlers challenge themselves with fun!

12 Custom Messages to Your Love

More, don’t forget to upload 2 more photos, one for the cover and the other for the back cover and add 2 lines of words for your loves.

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