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Gift Puzzle | Gifthing

We bring puzzles to another level! Gifthing’s puzzles are more than just a game for entertaining, they are gift puzzles that are perfect for kids and games. Gift Puzzles are well-crafted with high quality materials; they come with different sizes and unique features that cater to everyone’s needs.

Game Puzzle - 4in1 Puzzle

Who says learning and entertaining can’t come at the same time? Gifthing’s 4in1 game puzzle helps your kids to learn and develop while having fun! The game puzzle for kids contains the elements of: entertaining, vocabulary-learning, puzzle-matching, and coloring. Spend time on doing our 4in1 game puzzle with your kids and help their brains to develop!

Kid Puzzle - Personalised Puzzle

Gifthing’s Personalised Puzzle allows you to design your one-of-a-kind puzzle for kids. You can put photos or sentences onto these kid puzzles; and it is these remarkable details that fill the puzzles with memorable joys and laughters. Design a set of personalised puzzle for your kids and surprise them!