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PS002 12 Months Sticker 03
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12 Months Stickers


Specializing in gifts and keepsakes, Gifthing offers everything from unique stickers and more to celebrate babies’ special moments.


Keep track of how much your baby has changed month-by-month with a set of first year sticker labels.

Product Details / Includes :


Product Code :PS002
Sticker Size :100 x 100mm
Product Set :1 Set Per 12 Stickers Included
Weight :40 g



12 Months Stickers | Gifthing.com

12 Months stickers are a fun, unique way to record your baby’s growth;


• Easy to peel and stick on clothing
• Snap a photo with your baby and sticker to share with friends and family
• A fun, special way to capture and share the news of your new baby with everyone you love!


12 Months Sticker 04
12 Months Sticker 04


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