12 x 16.5″ 4 in 1 Puzzle 54pcs – My Little Farm

Gifthing 4in1 Puzzles with different functions help you with your child’s brain development. The analytical works of logical piece-sorting, creative coloring, and vocabulary-learning serve to improve kids’ visual awareness and patience. At the end, they could gain a sense of achievement upon finishing.

Product Details / Includes :


Product Code :FO121604
Weight :300 g




• Entertainment
• Matching
• Learning
• Colouring

Highlights of Puzzle
• Puzzle Size: 12″ x 16.5″ (128mm x 178mm)
• Board thickness: 2mm
• No. of pieces: 54 or 70
• Print: Double sides (Made from HIGH quality chipboard)

• Front Side Material: GLOSS coating / Back Side Material: NON-coating
• Packaging & accessories: Comes with a puzzle box, loose puzzle pieces are placed in a clear plastic bag

Recommended Colours
• Material: Crayon, Pastel, Pencil Colour, Marker


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