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Baby Bedroom Decor Box Set Mosaic

Design your baby's bedroom with lots of wonderfully crafted, yet practical accessories. Inside this box of bedroom decoration, you will find useful tools such as a growth chart, name plate, door hanger and many more.

Product Details :


Product Code : GS0105AX00
Size : 255 x 170 x 105 mm
Weight : 850 g

HKD$298.00 HKD$158.00

Product Description

Baby Bedroom Decor Box Set Mosaic | Gifthing


Paper mobile included (style may vary from video)


Gifthing 發佈於 2017年7月17日星期一


Babies sleep up to 18 hours a day when they first enter this world, so make sure their bedroom is decorated suitably with lots of accessories that they will like. Our baby bedroom decor box set mosaic is also a great idea for a baby shower party.


Decor Set Contents

• Growth chart
• Paper mobile
• Door hanger
• Name plate
• Name plate stickers x 3
• Wall stickers x 3


Baby Bedroom Decor Box Set Mosaic


This baby bedroom decor set is among 6 themes designed by Gifthing that includes Baby Love, Baby Object, Dear Bunny, Mosaic, My Little King and Zoo.



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