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Baby Memory Book Furry Farm

Save and record your baby’s memories and those precious childhood moments that melt our hearts.


Document their movements with personal messages, photos and even fun facts from the time they were born.

Product Details / Includes :


Product Code : GB0110BG00
Size : 210 x 210 x 20 mm (LxHxW)
Weight : 460 g

US$19.99 US$18.95


Gifthing.com | Baby Memory Book Furry Farm


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• Hardcover with a smooth matte finish
• 22 card quality pages to record your details of the baby shower, going into labor, the homecoming etc.
• Lots of room to write personal heartfelt messages to your child to read when they grow up
• 9 pages dedicated to posting photos
• Special pages for placing their birth certificate and hand/footprints
• Fun facts about the time of the baby’s birth including how much things cost and what we’re making the headlines in the news
• The perfect journal to recording your child’s development milestones and a treasured baby keepsake book.


Baby Memory Book
Baby Memory Book


Packaged in a durable quality cardboard tray and shrink wrapped for added protection.


This baby memory book is among 10 Gifthing.com exclusive themes designed by our team, which includes Baby and Friends, Circus Kid, Dear Bunny, Forest, Furry Farm, Great Fun in CircusOcean Friends, and Sweet Dream.


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