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GS0304AX00 Mosaic Baby Shower Set 01Baby Bandana Bib Gifthing
GS0304AX00 Mosaic Baby Shower Set 01
GS0304AX00 Mosaic Baby Shower Set 01
Baby Bandana Bib Gifthing

Baby Keepsake Box Mosaic with Baby Bandana Bib

It's time for a celebration when you, or someone you know, is expecting. Baby showers are part of the pregnancy parcel and Gifthing has come up with a gift set that will make expectant mothers delighted.

Product Details :


Product Code :GS0304AX00
Size :200 x 200 x 100 mm
Weight :650 g



Baby Keepsake Box Set Mosaic | Gifthing

What Can You Put In The Keepsake Bottles?


It’s great to know a baby is on the way and the family will be excited in anticipation to meet the latest addition to the clan. But before that, there is a small matter of the baby shower party. To make this occasion memorable, Gifthing has designed and produced a baby shower gift set for expecting mothers to cherish and adore.


Baby Keepsake Box Set Contents

• Baby shower book
• Baby shower cards x 10
• Tiny keepsake bottles x 4
• A pair of baby mittens
• A pair of baby booties

• A baby bandana bib



This baby keepsake box is among 5 themes designed by Gifthing that includes Baby Love, Baby Object, Forest, Mosaic and Sweet Dream.



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