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Finger Puppets Set Owl and Yak

We have all heard it before; children grow up so fast. Make the most of your time when they want you to read story books when you tuck them into bed and create happy memories between you and your kids by making story time more fun and appealing by adding a set of finger puppets.

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Product Code : GC0103AT00
Size : 195 x 190 x 12 mm (LxHxW)
Finger Puppet : 2 pcs
Weight : 175 g


Product Description

Gifthing | Finger Puppets Set Owl and Yak


Check out who is in the finger puppet family!

Gifthing Finger Puppet Set

Storytelling can be a fun and creative way to play, it helps lay the foundation for strong reading and writing skills. The stories you and your kids can tell are simply unlimited, all it takes is a little imagination, and Gifthing Finger Puppet Sets help take storytelling to a new level.Parenting with Gifthing : shipment for purchase over $128 with coupon code "FREESHIPSUMMER"#gifthing

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We remember the toys we played during our childhood not because of how well they were made or how nice they looked, but the happy memories they gave us while we were playing. Finger puppets will make your storytelling even more interactive and your kids will treasure these precious moments for a lifetime.



• 2 finger puppets included (measures approximately 8.5cm x 9cm)
• 6 story cards included; 3 per finger puppet character
• Gift wrapped and packed


Finger Puppets Set Owl and Yak


This finger puppet set is among 4 exclusive themes designed by our team, which includes Bear & Fox, Lion & Koala, Owl & Yak and Sloth & Elephant.


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