PIFC18001C Personalized Flash Card set 18pcs

Personalized Flash Card set (18pcs)

Create your own personalized flash card, turn your photos into interesting learning kits or card games by using our online flash card maker for fun and keepsake.

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Product Code : PIFC18001C
Card Qty : 18 pieces
Card Size : 175 x 110 mm
Box Size : 118 x 185 x 25 mm
Weight : 400 g


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Product Description

Create your own flash with pictures or photos that you want your kids to learn.  Just drag and drop your pictures or photos to the card and add in your own message on the left.  The personalized custom flash cards are available in sets of 18 pieces. You could always create your own learning kits or design your own card games according to your personal interest.


Bright and colorful flash cards make positive visual impact on learners. With our easy to use mobile friendly online flash card maker, you can create amazing designs in less than a minute, make sets for your specific needs, and have them delivered to your door in less than 2 weeks, whether you are in the US, Canada, UK or anywhere else worldwide.


Our flash cards are made of supreme quality cardboard and high quality digital printing.  It is durable for repeated normal use.  You could choose amongst Gifthing.com exclusive themes designed by our dedicated team or upload your own design as the background. After all, the flash cards could also be a perfect keepsake gift to your beloved.  Create your own flash cards, create your memory with love.


Launch the maker and turn your photos into a custom flash card set NOW!