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Pregnancy Keepsake Book Forest

A pregnancy or maternity keepsake book, makes a priceless gift to give to any newly pregnant friend, a sentimental gift for a pregnant sister or a work colleague.


Quite often we struggle to find an appropriate gift to offer to someone who has just received this delightful news, and how better than for them to be able to keep a record of every step and event as they travel along their journey to parenthood.

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Product Code :GB0802AT00
Book Size :142 x 197 mm
Box Size :146 x 201 x 33 mm
Weight :250 g


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Product Description | 5-page Pregnancy Keepsake Book Forest.


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Gifthing Pregnancy Keepsake Book

Gifthing Pregnancy Keepsake BookWas today the first glimpse you took of your baby’s ultrasound picture? Were you astounded at the evident proof that there is a small being growing inside you? Did you remember the first time your growing baby kicked you so hard you gasped with shock? Just how can you best remember and record these precious memories? A Pregnancy Keepsake Book will allow you to document and describe each and every detail as you progress from your initial pregnancy discovery to the moment you get to meet your son or daughter for the very first time.

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Cute 5-page Pregnancy Keepsake Book Forest and journals are a perfect way to track the precious 40 weeks of your life where your baby’s life begins. The 40 weeks of maternity changes, cravings, thoughts, challenges, and wishes.
•  Perfect for photo and journal entries.
•  A durable measuring tape for marking down the actual size of your tummy month on month as it grows.


This 5-page Pregnancy Keepsake Book Forest offers:
•  Hardcover.
•  This book includes:
•  Transparent Case for Testing Stick storage
•  Tummy Recording Tape with Transparent Case
•  Ultrasound Photo Pages
•  The Bump Photo Pages
•  Baby Info Page
•  Secret Letters
•  Naming game


•  Nicely shrink wrapped with nicely printed paper insert.


If this is your first pregnancy or your first attempt at recording in a keepsake book, the first steps can be quite daunting. Where to start ?? there seem to be so many blank pages in your pregnancy keepsake book, which ones do you begin to complete. Try to establish a regular writing frequency and as each exciting new development with your pregnancy is noted or felt, write the information in the book in the relevant section, depending on which trimester of pregnancy you are in. Here are a few suggestions of topics to get you started:

•  The date you first announced your pregnancy to the world
•  Your weight at the beginning of your pregnancy
•  How you feel emotionally and physically at each stage and month
•  Any dreams you’ve had since becoming pregnant
•  Food and other items you are craving
•  Any feelings and thoughts you’ve had about your unborn child


Our 5-page Pregnancy Keepsake Book amongst 3 exclusive themes designed by our team, which includes Forest and Flower and Sweet Dream.


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