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Small Wooden Photo Frame Sweet Dream

Record and display your happy family moments to prolong these precious memories. Despite the rise in popularity of camera phones, each family snap is just as memorable as the next one.

Product Details / Includes :


Product Code : GF0515AVSS
Size : 185 x 185 x 20 mm (LxHxW)
Weight : 200 g


Product Description

Gifthing | Small Wooden Photo Frame Sweet Dream


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• Durable wooden frame
• Animated characters printed separately on raised wood
• Independently designed by Gifthing to ensure uniqueness
• Recording the happy moments of your child
• Shrink wrapped with a high quality sturdy cardboard tray with paper insert


This small wooden photo frame is among 6 exclusive themes designed by our team, which includes Baby Love, Flower, Forest, Furry Farm, My Little King and Sweet Dream.


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