Fun Baby Gifts Ideas For 2020

For a lot of people, preparing gifts for baby showers or to friends who just became parents can be a pain in the neck. Especially during the time of quarantine in 2020, we could not meet friends in person, and in turn, we should put more thoughts on the baby gifts we pick out for new parents.

To express your extra thoughtfulness during this tough time, these baby gifts should be fun and practical, but at the same time – impressive and special. Here, we have listed out 5 fun baby gifts ideas for you to help you make the best decision:

1. Personalised Gifts

What baby gift is better than those that are timeless? The first baby gifts idea we are giving out to you is “personalised gifts” – to secure the memory you have with your kids in a tangible way! Not only this, it is a personalised gift that lets you add on little heart-warming details.

At Gifthing, we provide Baby Tooth boxes. They allow you to collect all your kid’s baby teeth in an easy and hygienic way. These Tooth Keepsake boxes even have separately labeled compartments for each teeth, and have different design patterns for you to choose. Pick one today, to surprise your new parent friends with this astonishing baby gift!

2.  Flexible Baby Slings

Baby slings can be handy for those new parents who need to work from home at this moment. Taking care of a new baby while working at the same time could be a hard task for many parents. This baby gift idea is ideal to kill 2 birds in 1 stone – with a baby sling, you get to do work while carrying your baby around.

3. Personalized Puzzles

Another personalised gift we are recommending is the Personalised Puzzles. During quarantine, parents need to spend their full 24 hours at home with kids. To enhance the quality parents spend with kids, it is better to do some engaging activities together.

Here is when the personalised puzzle gift comes in place. This fun and entertaining baby gift enables you to put a photo of your choice – it will be nice to put a family photo here – and insert words on the puzzle. When you and your kids are puzzling, they can see the sweet message you want to deliver to them!

4. Baby Shusher

For lots of babies, it is easier for them to fall asleep while having white noises as background sound. This unconventional and fun baby shower gift idea produces white noise. It helps work-from-home parents to put babies into sleep faster, so they could have more time dealing with work.

5. Sleeping Pillow Spray

This is a gift idea for both the baby and parents. For parents that are working from home while taking care of a baby, it is ideal to make the most out of their sleep. Hence, to have deeper sleep and complete rests, apply some pillow spray onto your pillow to let the comforting scents accompany you into your sleep.

6. Custom Bag

With a huge selection of bag styles, a wide range of features, easy and fast ordering, and no minimum orders, (MTB) strives to produce the highest quality of personalized bags. MTB makes bags unique and just for you and your beloved ones. Visit and shop at


No matter if you’re picking a gift that is to be sent over during quarantine times or to be brought to an actual baby shower after the pandemic, hope these unique and also for the fun baby shower gifts ideas will give you some inspiration for the baby gifts.