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Gifthing serves to be your best option for finding the next best gifts for babies and kids! We use eye-catching designs, colorful patterns, high-quality materials and different themes for our baby and kid gifts.

Our wide range of baby and kid gifts, such as baby’s tooth fairy keepsake boxes, 12 months photo frames and baby memory books are perfect to record babies’ growth step by step.

Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box

Gifthing’s feature product, Baby Tooth Keepsake Box, integrates kids’ and parents’ favorite story icon - Tooth Fairy - into the keepsake boxes’ designing concept. Being a special and thoughtful gift that can preserve kids’ growth milestones in a clean way, Baby’s Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box has been Gifthing’s most well-known product! Learn more now.

12 Months Photo Frame

Baby’s first year has always been the most important, yet fleeting time during their childhood. Having that in mind, Gifthing has designed Baby’s First Year Photo Frames to help parents record little precious moments in kids’ first 12 months of life.

With each frame having 12 places to put photos, parents can have a photo for each month as babies’ growing milestones.12 months photo frames come with multiple designs and themes that could cater to every kid’s preference or personality!

Baby Memory Book

To further record the fruitful memory of your kid’s childhood for more than just their first year, Gifthing’s Baby Memory Album allows you to treasure and preserve your kid’s charming moments altogether.

The Baby Memory Book is suitable for all occasions. From small moments, such as a lazy Sunday morning in bed, to big celebrating events, like birthday parties, Baby Memory Album helps you keep these memories in a fun way! Check out today!